Intro Post


I am going to explain the structure of this blog. I thought it would be a sort of digital  Tour De Coop. With “blueprints” (in the loosest form of the word) of each coop, interviews of the coop owners and photos of the chickens that are living in these coops it will be packed with fun info.

The 7 interview questions I plan on asking each coop owner are:

1. Why do you have chickens?

2. How long have you had chickens?

3. Any tips you have picked up with your chicken experiences?

4. Favorite Portland chicken resource (shops, government agency, website, person)?

5. Food type? Bedding type?

6. Describe your Coop.

7. Describe your chickens.

If you have any suggestions for better or more questions please add a comment.

Thanks for reading.



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