SPRING has SPRUNG and that means CHICKS!!

Chicks Hatch

On April 3rd a hushed peeping was heard from our basement. The chicks had started hatching. A mere 3 weeks ago I had stuck some eggs in an incubator and hoped for the best. I don’t know if you have ever hatched a chick from an egg but for me it is one of the most nerve racking activities. To me it just seems like magic…so let me get this right I get an egg and keep it warm for three weeks and POOF a chick appears? Of course it isn’t that simple and to get a good “hatch rate” you need to be attentive and careful. You need to keep the temperature juuuuuust right (100 ˚F for circulated air incubators) . You have to keep the humidity juuuust right EXCEPT people totally disagree on whether to do “dry” or “wet” so maybe it isn’t so important until the final days. Anyways it is a sensitive process and I am constantly worried that something is going wrong or that I am actively doing something wrong.  So it was a huge relief when I heard that most awe inspiring of sounds…peep peep.


Now we have 9 beautiful chicks and I would love to introduce them.

All of these photos are taken on April 6 so they are 2  days old. I will also refer to them all as ladies just for good karma even though half are likely to be roosters.

Scraggles 3 days

This fun young lady is Scraggles. She was the last chick to hatch. She is supposed to be a standard size mixed chicken but she is about the same size as the rest of the bantams.

Clark 3 days

This mellow lass is Clark. She has beautiful grizzled down feathers. She also has a nearly identical twin sister.

Rip city 3 days

This stunning young lady is Rip City. She is the most beautiful chick I have ever seen. She is also the smallest chick of this flock. She has black skin and a fifth toe hinting at her silkie heritage. She is designer breed I bought from Chris Chulos. Really curious to see what she turns out to look like.

Peeppeep 3 days

Oh boy this picture captures the energy and exploratory nature of PeepPeep a bantam ameraucana I also got from  Chris. She is  a real charmer. Kids have totally been brainwashed to think yellow is the color of chicks and so PeepPeep is a kid favorite. Yellow fluff just means they are white chickens.

Emily 3 days

This picture also captures the worried nature of Emily. She is peeping in this picture because she wants to be in the flock. She is also a bantam ameraucana.

Falconer 3 days

This is Falconer another gorgeous designer chick from Chris. The variability of trying to make your own backyard breed is seen in the skin and leg color. It is yellow while Rip City’s are black. But other wise they are very similar looking along with…

Cleopatra  3 days

the last of the Chris designer chicks Cleopatra. She is cute as well and has a different head shape from Rip City and Falconer.

King 3 days

Meet the bravest chick and undisputed team leader King. I am not exactly sure what breed she is. She looks a lot like a pure silkie but she is probably another chris mix special.

Lewis 3 days

Last is Lewis. She is awesome. Looks very similar to Clark except she has nice subtle eye liner and spot on top of her head.

If you are wondering where we came up with such awesome names I need to give thanks to our friends the Robos and our neighbors Ella and Asa.

Group photo 2 days

Nothing more beautiful than a chick cuddle puddle. Watching them get overwhelmed by sleepiness when standing under a heat lamp is a cute sight.

 Day one photos

It is amazing how fast they grow. Here are some more pictures from the first day. They are so tiny.

IMG_1345 IMG_1341 IMG_1334 IMG_1329 IMG_1307 IMG_1269







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