Sebastopol Chickens

I have moved away from Portland. Now I live in Sebastopol California. Instead of changing my blog name I am just going to have the name be inappropriate. These next couple posts will also have a different direction and tone than my previous posts. They will be unfortunately focused on my own personal flock.



All the eggs.

April 3rd and 4th I bought some eggs. I bought a mixed batch from a lady in Richmond. She was extremely accommodating to meet me last minute, quite late at night after another lady flaked on me. Mixed batch eggs are on the right. I also bought some eggs from Alchemist Farm.  They are the ones on the left. 12 Cream Legbars, 5 Bresse and 2 Welsummers.

I incubated 39 eggs and 31 chicks hatched! Which is a pretty good result.

A smattering of the chicks. The legbars are so cool because you can tell gender at hatching. I had a 7:3 ratio of hens to roosters. The mixed chicks had a lot of barring. I had blue chicks, splash chicks, feather legged chicks, muffed chicks all sorts of chicks.


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