Chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery


I bought some chicks from Murray McMurray hatchery. This is my second time ordering chicks from McMurray. They all arrived alive and peeping. They also arrived starved and tiny. You would too if you had been shipped from Iowa when you were a day old. That is right I had day old chicks shipped from Iowa.

If you have ever heard chicks peeping at the post office this is why. Some woman heard this and started a Day old chicken Petition. I think the CEO of the company’s response was great. It is a semi controversial topic. It does seem unkind to ship a tiny fragile chick in a cold box. Some chicks die along the way and occasional accidents happen and large numbers die. But most chicks arrive healthy and hungry, if they didn’t these hatcheries would be out of business. I think the positives way out weigh the negatives. Allowing people to get practically any breed they want and start their own backyard flock which, will likely lead a much happier life than any commercial chicken is a much bigger positive in my book. A quote from an article about chicks

During the hatchery’s busiest time of year—the weeks leading up to Easter—the company mails about 200,000 one-day-old chickens a week, McMurray said.

That is a lot of chicks and that is just one hatchery. There are a number of them. So you can see that many people are involved in this enterprise.

Back to my chicks, it was quite dramatic to see the hatchery chicks compared to the chicks I had hatched myself. Even though they had hatched on the same day the McMurray chicks were half the size. But I put them all together and quickly they made up the ground.


Chicks after arriving from Iowa. The red light is to reduce pecking.


I ordered mostly White Faced Black Spanish  and, Turkens. I also received a Dominique, a Silver-Laced Cochin, a Black Cochin, some White-Laced Red Cornish, some Egyptian Fayoumis and lastly three Welsummers.

Each breed has its unique personality. The cochins are both friendly especially the Silver-Laced, which we named Beyonce. The cornish were very stand offish and I don’t think I ever held them. The spanish were excited, friendly and moved around a lot. The turkens were mellow happy chicks.

All of the chicks grew fast and eventually they had to move out of the watermelon box and into the coop. I had been using two watermelon boxes as a brooder in my dad’s garage. They worked great!


3 week old chicks transported in a box on a very hot day

After that they were brooded in the coop they would come to call home.

Chicks in Coop

Warm chicken coop with happy chicks

Some of the chicks even said hello before scampering off to play and peck around.

Black Cochin Chick

Hey MJ

There is nothing better than getting off of work and sitting and watching a coop full of chicks peck around. #ChickTV

On nice sunny days I would let them out into the grass.

This was all back in late April! They are much bigger now.





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