The Third Batch of Chicks

Some music to go with your reading.

I hatched a second batch of chicks. This was a group from Papa’s Poultry. Papa’s Poultry is a family raising chickens in Redding, CA. He has a long list of chicken breeds. I was most interested in his Gold Laced Orpingtons and his Lavender Marans (project). We stopped there on our way home from Lassen National Park.


A sampling of the eggs from Papa’s Poultry

I paid for a fair number of eggs and he gave me 32 eggs which was significantly more than I paid for. On 7/3/2016 the glorious day happened and 12 chicks hatched. I was a little disappointed about the number that had hatched. That is the problem with buying eggs. You never know how many are going to hatch. There are so many factors that can go wrong. That pdf shows the long list of ways that you can have a poor hatch. I am still not sure what went wrong. Something did and that resulted in me only getting a 38% hatch rate.

The chicks that did hatch included 6 Cream Legbars, 3 Gold Laced Orpingtons, 2 Lavender Marans, and 1 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.



Wynonna is my Blue Laced Red Wyandotte. The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is one of the most beautiful chickens in the world. It is not in the APA Standard of Perfection but it has been around a long time. Jerry Foley is an expert breeder in this color and has plenty of information about when it was developed. He also sells young chickens but email him soon he sells out quick. Also bring your checkbook each bird is $150 but worth every penny.





Selma and Patty are my two Lavender Marans. Marans are famous for their dark chocolate eggs. Marans originated in France. The most common colors are Black Copper and Cuckoo. Papa’s Poultry has decided to experiment and started breeding a lavender color. He is still working on breeding the dark egg color back in the variety. The color lavender or self blue is the result in the mutation of just one gene called the…”lavender” gene (lav). The lavender gene is a recessive gene. It affects both the black(eumelanin) and red/brown (phaeomelanin) pigments unlike the blue gene which only affects the black(eumelanin) pigment.

Selma and Patty are both turning out to be roosters but I think their namesakes would still be proud.


I hatched three Gold Laced Orpingtons. Orpingtons are large, loose feathered chickens. They were developed in England in a town called Orpington. Orpingtons were developed by William Cook in 1886. They caused quite a stir when the breed was first exhibited. It is still a very popular breed, being known as docile and laying a fair number of eggs. It also comes in a wide range of beautiful colors although only a few varieties are recognized by the APA. The Gold Laced variety is not recognized but it is beautiful and I am excited to have these grow up. The plumpness allows plenty of room to show off their colorful feathers. You can see how broad the breed is. Even as chicks these fine ladies are as wide as can be.

They are named based on the difficulties one of the chicks had with walking. It was born with a deformed hip. It is the one with straw between its legs. The straw with a rubber band is a technique for curing splay legs a common problem with chicks that it is easily fixed. Gump did not have splay legs unfortunately.


butts up

I also hatched six Cream Legbars.

Cream Legbars

Wait ladies…I swear I am a nice guy. (My three hen legbars run away from Butters a rooster)

Cream Legbar(butter)


Butters is a light color sort of creamy…or Buttery!

CREAM Legbar_rooster(Homer)


Homer is named for his “bald spot” which is really just his spot indicating he carries two of the barring gene which is why he is autosexing.

CREAM Legbar_rooster(Flanders)

“Stupid sexy Flanders.”


Flanders was named because we just wanted to keep the Simpsons theme going. Homer and him are the two darkest cream legbar rooster chicks I have ever had. I am very curious to see how they develop as they mature.


Now I want to go skiing.


I hatched three Cream Legbar hens.

Cream Legbar_hen(Amy)2

Amy Winehouse

Now we know who inspired Amy Winehouse’s makeup style. Look at those eyes.

These two fine ladies are named Marge and Maude.


That is a brief update on my chicks. I still have two more batches I need to discuss and I need to catch you up on the older chicks as well. Please leave comments or questions if you have any.




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