Mom hatches babies


“Ok fine if you won’t stop being broody I will give you some eggs.” 21 days ago I had this conversation with one of my hens. I was shocked that she had decided to go broody. She had only started laying eggs a couple of weeks before. Now she had decided that she wanted to be a mom. She was determined. I tried to kick her off the nest for a week or two before I relented. So I picked 11 eggs that looked cool and put them under her.


Here are the eggs I selected. The blue eggs are from my cream legbar hens, the white eggs are from either my Egyptian Fayoumis or White faced Spanish, the brown eggs maybe my Naked Necks and lastly the Olive eggs and cream egg from my mixes. None of the breeds are separated so any of the roosters could breed with any of the hens.

On November 16, I was nervous. Listening to hear if I could make out any peeping in the nest. I poked my hand in and come out with a little fluff ball. That night I moved them out of the nest into a nice cozy cage for the mom to show the chicks how to eat and drink. I was also able to count and get  better look at the chicks. 10 had hatched but only 8 had made it. One chick had accidently been stepped on by the mom (named Greyi) and the other has disappeared. I have no idea where it went. Anyways I now have 8 adorable chicks.

Here they are…

Three Naked Neck mixes, two black chicks, one barred chick, one blue chick and, one blue barred chick with feathered legs. I am really curious to see how they develop as they get older. This wild mixing of genes can be kind of fun. Each chick has its unique look from the pure  yellow Naked Neck to almost pure black chick they are all extremely cute. So please help me by volunteering names for each of them.


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