Chicken of the Month

Celebrating a unique chicken monthly

February 2017

Flavio is my favorite White Faced Spanish. He is a goofy rooster. He is just so photogenic. It seems like he is always posing. He is kind to his hens and mellow with the other roosters. His intelligence is obvious by looking at his giant head and twinkling eyes. He lately has become the proud father of several large fluffy chicks. Hopefully they can aspire to be as wonderful of a rooster as Flavio. flavio



Ariel is a stunning example of a beautiful modern game hen. Her long strides and melodious voice makes her a joy to behold. She is somewhat of a loner and can be found by herself pecking around the garden. She has avoided death by hawk with her quick wits and even quicker reflexes. Ariel has semi retired from the egg-laying game and instead devotes herself to being as beautiful as she can be.

Black Gold Modern Game Hen pullet

Black Gold Modern Game Hen pullet


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